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Using Physiotherapy to Improve Sports Injuries: Choosing to Seek Physio Help from an Experienced Physiotherapist Near Camberwell

Suffering from a sudden injury that occurs while playing sports, whether it happened by accident or during the normal course of play, can be a difficult event. Not only will it often sideline you from playing for an indeterminate amount of time, but you're potentially coping with a persistent level of pain. All you may want to do is head back out onto the playing field — but taking care of your body and assisting with its recovery first is the best way to do that. With the right approach, such as by enlisting the help of a physiotherapist near Camberwell, you can re-condition your body on the path to overcoming or learning to manage your injury.

At Back on Track Sports Physiotherapy, our goal for every patient is right there in our name: to put you back on the right track. Our team, led by Hamid Sotounzadeh, has aided athletes from the amateur to the most elite levels, equipping us with a wealth of experience to use in plotting your road to recovery. Choosing a source for physiotherapy convenient to Camberwell such as our office can ensure you always have access to the help you desire. What can you expect when you come to us for a physio appointment from Camberwell?

Get back into the game with a Camberwell physiotherapist

Learning about you is always our first step. As you interact with our staff, you will find many of us are former athletes — so you can expect compassionate care structured with your particular needs in mind. When you visit from Camberwell to see a physiotherapist, we'll take the time to understand your injury or the source of your pain during your initial visit before we move on to suggesting treatment or dispensing more specific advice. Once we understand the root problems, we can move on to the next stage. Even though some injuries can be complex and involve several interconnected issues, we have the experience necessary to formulate effective treatment strategies.

Subsequent visits will involve more in-depth treatment, including training you in strengthening exercises and assisting you with in-office therapies to help reduce pain. Manual therapies and especially massages can be beneficial in this regard, and many of our clients look forward to their visits due to the opportunity for relief it provides. Recovery is not only physical, though, and we must be mindful of the need for the right mental strategies as well. Learning from your injury and recovering in a positive environment can help to minimise the distress that often follows getting hurt.

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As an accessible option near Camberwell for physiotherapy, we welcome not only injured athletes but those who need assistance recovering from an injury or surgery as well. Learn more about general physiotherapy options, or dive into our information about sports injury recovery. Questions or concerns you would like to address before you come from Camberwell for a physio visit? Please call us on (03) 9885 8456

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