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Back On Track Sports Phsyiotherapy in Glen Iris

If you are a serious athlete, you’re bound to deal with various injuries throughout your long career. It’s not a matter of “if”, but a matter of “when.” Because of that, you need to have a sports physiotherapist in the Glen Iris area that you trust to help treat and rehabilitate you when you are dealing with an pain, tightness or injury. 

Our highly qualified Physiotherapists can help you with a range of conditions that affect children and teenagers with gait analysis, running assessment and detecting any fine to gross motor development deficencies.

When you compete at an elite or sub-elite level in your sport, you need advanced assessment, treatment and management from highly educated, dedicated health professionals. Back On Track Sports Physiotherapy is here to assist you with all treatment needs in Melbourne.


For years, we have offered access to trained, passionate clinicians who truly care about the well-being of the athletes they treat (our elite athlete sponsorship program). We use advanced clinical reasoning to assess, diagnose and treat various physical ailments, ensuring that you can return to play as soon as possible safely.

Injury prevention

"Injury prevention is obviously always our first priority and the best remedy in terms of reducing recurrance of the injuries and medical costs."


Our experts truly know what it means to treat athletes, considering that every one of them has competed at elite levels throughout various sports. Unfortunately, injury is inevitable when you compete in some sports, but those injuries shouldn’t side-line you forever. If you are an athlete and in need of a sports physiotherapist in Glen Iris, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


From diagnosis through rehabilitation, our team is here to help you and get you back to living your passion. We treat athletes at every level, from recreational to professional  and we passionately do everything we can to manage your injury and reduce risks of re-injury.

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At Back On Track Sports Physiohterapy We Pride Ourself On Continual Post Grad Education To Provide Latest Evidence Based Practice For Our Clients To Reduce Pain And Restore Optimal Function

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