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Physiotherapy in Hawthorn East: Sports Physio Also Availabe

If you've played sports for any serious length of time, especially if you've regularly played in competition, you have likely paid a visit to a physiotherapist near your Hawthorn East home at some point in the past. Perhaps instead you've interacted with one during or after an important match. Whatever the scenario, it is easy to think that the only time athletes seek out physiotherapy in Hawthorn East is after an injury. After all, why else would you need to visit a medical professional when you could instead continue to work on your physical conditioning?

The reality is that a visit with a professional today could help you to prevent or avoid suffering an injury tomorrow. At Back on Track Sports Physiotherapy, we believe that through a careful look at your current physical condition and your history, it is possible to practice effective preventative medicine in this area. While no treatment can spare you from the unexpected rolled ankle or a heavy, traumatic impact, visiting us from Hawthorn East for a physiotherapy appointment can help in other ways. Together, we can identify steps that can both make you more comfortable and reduce the risk of exacerbating a chronic injury or past problem. Here is what you should know about choosing the path of prevention.

Reducing pain and improving mobility for Hawthorn East physiotherapy patients

A primary goal of our preventative musculoskeletal screening is to equip you with the tools and knowledge necessary to achieve full, healthy ranges of motion while shoring up weaknesses you have that may put you at risk for injury. We will work together with you to conduct a thorough examination, working to identify potential imbalances in muscular development which can be a potential risk factor. We will also consider the biomechanics of your current movements, pinpointing issues with your form or posture and developing strategies to counteract the issue.

Sports players in Hawthorn East seeing our physiotherapist for prevention can count on advice grounded in experience with many other athletes from elite competition. In fact, working on a preventative plan can, in fact, have benefits regarding boosting your athletic performance. By learning how to move in ways that complement your body's natural motions to strengthen muscles that require further development, you will also hone skills you can use in your chosen sport. With access to a Hawthorn East physio office, you can rely on research-backed methodologies for tuning in to what your body has to say.

Take advantage of our compassion and experience at your convenience

To learn more about the research on prevention and why you should consider physio near Hawthorn East, explore our full page about our MSK screening program. When you are ready to make a booking, please use our online form or contact us today to make arrangements for an appointment. We look forward to assisting you today to help prevent tomorrow's injuries.

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