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Sports Physiotherapy Management
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At Back On Track Sports Physiohterapy We Pride Ourself On Continual Post Grad Education To Provide Latest Evidence Based Practice For Our Clients In Order To Reduce Pain And Restore Optimal Function

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is the profession concerned with assessment, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of the body's injuries and dysfunctions. Physiotherapists are trained to implement an individualised management plan in order to restore optimal health and functional movements of your daily life activities.


Lower Back Pain (LBP) is one of the most troublesome health issues with high medical cost that has the high recurrence rate in 12 months in 24-80% of the patients.


Physiotherapists with post-grad qualifications are specialised in Biopsychosocial approach and advanced exercise prescription for LBP that can help you to restore your pain free movements  and reduce the rate of recurrence.  Call us now to find out how.

We implement "Injury Prevention Program" rather than "Injury Management" to keep you healthier as long as possible.


At Back on Track Sports Physiotherapy we pride ourselves on continual post-grad education in order to provide the latest evidence based practice with a unique and innovative concept of injury prevention and rehabilitation. In sports medicine, frequent changes to the evidence base and better understanding of sports injury occurring so Sports Physiotherapists must keep up-to-date with ongoing education and reading the literature (see about us page please).


 So if you suffer from an injury, painful movements, or you simply want to improve your fitness level and core stability, Back on Track Sports Physiotherapy is available to provide an expert physical examination, diagnosis, treatment and advice so that you can start on a corrective program towards recovery and prevent injury recurrence in the future.

Who is a Sports Physiotherapist?

Sports Physiotherapists have undertaken further post-graduate studies at the university level and are specialised at assessment, diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries.


They have advanced clinical reasoning skills to diagnose, design and implement a conditioning program that assists in early return to sport, prevents re-occurrence of injury and enhances athletic performance.


There are constant changes to the evidence based practice and understanding of sports injury so Sports Physiotherapists are required to keep up-to-date with ongoing education and clinical reasoning.


Sports Physiotherapists are experienced physiotherapists who have undertaken further training at a post-graduate University level and completed examinations by the Australian Physiotherapy Association to account for their advanced standing in the profession. - See more here


Sports Physiotherapists are also specialised in traveling with elite athletes, teams and covering all levels of tournaments (state, national and international).

Third year of sponsorship of tennis tournaments:


10/03/2017 Waverley Tennis Back on Track Sports Physiotherapy SILVER JT


09/06/2017 Waverley Tennis Back on Track Sports Physiotherapy Gold AMT


27/08/2017 Waverley Tennis Back on Track Sports Physiotherapy Platinum AMT



Shiba from Back on Track Sports Physiotherapy and her teammates won the 2nd place in the State Cross Country relay 3x3km event. Geelong was a better team by 10 seconds at this event. Great team work by Doncaster team!


Another Good News:

Claire Foreman Unbeatable National Champion from Back on Track Sports Physiotherapy who defeat Kerrianne McKay from WA in 5 rounds battle on 08 OCT 2016 at Melbourne Pavilion.


Claire sustained injury free for the last 2 years with the care and advise from Back on Track Sports Physiotherapy despite competing in combat sports.  Ask us how we can do the same for you. Call today on 9885 8456


Astonishing performance by Claire Foreman from Back on Track Sports Physiotherapy after beating Sam Brown from QLD in five rounds of war in the ring on 19Feb 2016.


Claire possessed a desire to win, ability to work hard and never gives up mentality which is the most important qualities to be successful in your career. Claire is unbeatable national title holder with a record of 16 wins and 2 losses.

Well done Claire!


Without Hamid Sotounzadeh and Back on Track Sports Physiotherapy, I literally would not have made it to the ring on multiple occasions with out your care. I tore a muscle in my neck/shoulder a few weeks ago, and couldn't grapple or punch right for 2 weeks. Was worried this would seriously hinder my performance but with the right rehab I felt as strong as ever (21/02/2016 post match in Melbourne).


Good News:

Congratulations to Claire Foreman from Back on Track Sports Physiotherapy for winning international title after beating Chinese oponent in five gruelling rounds in April 2017. Claire is still unbeaten since holding Australian Champion title on 07Nov15.






We are "Authorised Dealer" of 2XU now. Lower price than other giant sports retailer.

Check it out at our clinic.





Physiotherapy, is a profession concerned with the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of the body and its injuries to restore physical function and performance.


Sports Physiotherapy elite athletes Sponsorship

Exclusive opportunity for elite athletes in our community! Back on Track Sports Physiotherapy is offering a limited number of sponsorship places to assist young athletes in the pursuit of their sporting dreams.

Back on Track Sports Physiotherapy will support selected athletes to perform their best and reach their full potential with minimum risk of injury.

For selection criteria and further information contact Hamid on:  0407 118 477

Platinum - $3000*

Gold - $2000*

Silver - $1000*

*Conditions apply.


Sponsorship holder athletes (five years):     

Claire Foreman


 Claire vs Chinese opponent in China

Elite Victorian Kick boxer, 21 matches, 19 wins 2 losses (Gold)

Congratulations to Claire for winning National title after beating Christina Jurjevic from NSW in five gruelling rounds. Ultimate fighting spirit by both athletes.

Claire became new Australian Champion on 07Nov15.


Annalyse Vamvalis

Congratulations to Annalyse who was selected for State and National U-17 Football player on 10 Dec 2014 and advanced to (Gold)

 Jasmin Starr

Jasmin Starr Ranked 6th U-16 tennis player, Tennis Victoria team member in Australian championship in 2014  (Gold)

Jasmin Starr Was selected for All Australian Teams after outstanding performance at Pizzy Cup in Tasmania. Hamid promoted Jasmin to GOLD level sponsored athlete after exhibiting hard work, discipline and commitment by her during return to sports program designed by Back on Track Sports Physiotherapy. Great effort Jasmin!!


Well done to Shiba from Back on Track Sports Physiotherapy and Jessie wining the U-14 Silver Core Frankston Silver Junior Tournament on 11/04/2015. Great effort girls!


Sevvy Gallios was granted Silver level sponsored athlete tennis player.

Sevvy has demonstrated high level of intrinsic motivation, self discipline, patience, positive mindset to change and hard work during her return to sports program designed by Back on Track Sports physiotherapy. Welcome to our list of top athletes Sevvy.


Proudly a Major Sponsor of Dendy Park Tennis Club till 2018.


Proudly a Major Sponsor of Waverly Tennis Associations till 2018.


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